How to track my iphone 5

Look for your iPhone using these apps and tips
  1. How to Set Up Find My iPhone on iPhone
  2. Locate Your iPhone Using These Top Methods
  3. 6 Ways to Track iPhone Location Easily

Select the device you want to locate. The name of the device appears in the center of the toolbar.

How to Set Up Find My iPhone on iPhone

Note: If your AirPods are separated from each other, you see only one location at a time on the map. First, find the one shown on the map and put it in the case.

5 Easy Ways to Find a Lost IPhone

Then refresh the map and find the other one. Click Notify When Found to get an email when it comes online.

Locate Your iPhone Using These Top Methods

Update the location: Click the green dot on the map, then click Refresh. Next, tap "iCloud.

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After turning it on, if you're prompted, enter the Apple ID and password for your iPhone. It's as simple as that.

You've also just turned on "Activation Lock," which links your Apple ID with the iPhone so that you have a better chance at recovering it later when lost or stolen. Specifically, this feature prevents anyone else from trying to activate the device, so even if thieves manage to get around your lock screen, they won't be able to wipe it without knowing your Apple ID and password.

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Even if they somehow do erase it, they still won't be able to activate it for use without your credentials. It won't always ask you for this information when you enable Find My iPhone. If you don't know the credentials, you won't be able to disable Find My iPhone should you need to later, and you won't even be able to access Find My iPhone later should your device go lost or stolen.

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While there are ways to locate your Apple ID , as well as options for resetting the password , it's better to just not forget it. We suggest storing it in either Apple's built-in iCloud Keychain or using a third-party password manager like LastPass.

How to set up Find My iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, AirPods

You cannot use your IMEI number to track your phone. However, if you report your phone as stolen to your cellphone service provider, the provider can use the IMEI number to block the phone from connecting to the service and racking up charges.

6 Ways to Track iPhone Location Easily

The only method Apple provides for physically tracking an iPhone is through the free "Find my iPhone" app. To take advantage of this, you must install and set up the app before your phone is lost or stolen. If and when this happens, you can log into the Find My iPhone website see Resources and get a rough physical location of the phone. You can also remotely add a new passcode or remotely erase the data on your phone to stop a thief from gaining access to your information. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

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