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Monitoring vs. Spying - why parents should use parental monitoring software? K9 Web Protection This is one of the best free parental control apps.

Features of K9 Web Protection such as: Real-time location. Set time restriction. Block various social app and websites. Pros: You can simply download this app free from its official website. Cons: Browsing speed is very slow. No controls over emails, and games. The Qustodio is popular parental control app that offers various features such as: Easily track all phone calls and text messages. Set up Restrict screen time setting. Access Real-time location.

Monitor social media apps. Pros: This parental control app offers cross-platform for the users.

Browser independent content filter feature Cons: In iOS, there are some features with limited features. No control over games. Easily block the social app or websites. Cons: This app is not available for windows. Window Live Family Safety If you want to parental control on a windows system, then you choose the best free Window live Family Safety software.

Easy to set screen time. Real-time location tracking Access to online activities. Pros: Easily use the filtering feature. Cons: Control of apps depends on your window version. Track all phone calls and messages. Pros: With this app, you get various features of filtering and blocking. Cons: There is no screenshot feature of online chat. Net Nanny This app is one of cross-platform for monitoring various activities and filtering websites. Features such as : Easy to block social apps and websites.

Best Computer and PC Monitoring Software

Monitor online activities. Manage Screen time. Pros: With this app, you can easily monitor various activities such as website filtering. Cons: This app is not compatible with iOS devices.

Employee Computer Monitoring Software. Remote monitor staff activity

There are features of Kidlogger such as: Access web history and social app Allow to time tracking. Easily monitor phone calls, messages, and chats. Pros: With this app, you get screenshot features. There are some features such as: Access real-time GPS location. Easily block the inappropriate sites: Check device usage time. Pros: Real-time location with a notification alert. There is two version of this app such as free version and premium version.

MSpy Parental Control mSpy is one of the best parental control app that offers ultimate features for parents to control over the kids. There are some features such as: Access calls history and contact details.

How to Monitor ANYTHING on your PC for free using NZXT CAM

View text messages. Monitor real-time GPS location. Better Geo-fencing feature. Pros: With this app, you can easily use filtering feature and block websites. Cons: If you want to install on the iOS device, you have to jailbreak feature. There are some basic features such as: Provide cross-platform features. Easily setup screen time limit.

Block social app or websites with instantly. Remotely access messages. Cons: The free version of this app offers limited features. If kids are cross the boundary, then you get instant notification on your phone. It helps you can easily understand kids moves and activities.

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There are a couple of key differences, but some features are shared between both platforms. Here are some of the key features:.

How is InterGuard Different?

As an admin, you can log into a web-based control panel to view activity usage stats within minutes after setting up the computers in your office. You can also use the Reports tab to see which applications and websites are most common among one or all of your employees. You can pay to add more agents or new features, like the remote installer. If you have a serious suspicion that an employee might be doing something illegal or against company policy, SpectorSoft has a huge suite of software you can use for both short-term and long-term investigations.

The basic Spector CNE Investigator is designed for short-term investigations and comes with a host of tools:. The company says that Spector is designed for more long-term investigations and monitoring, so most employers will probably be okay with CNE Investigator.

Monitoring Solutions for Every Need

All SpectorSoft programs are paid apps, and you can only get a price by calling in for a quote. These are our suggestions for a few common types of monitoring. Open kinja-labs. The A. Eric Ravenscraft.