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Remember, please drive safely. The traditional way to send and receive text messages through the Sync system is a process for certain Android-based phones. For more information, visit support. Have you got any sounds set on your iPhone for incoming texts, Facebook posts and so on? I have a new ford with the basic Sync and an IPhone 4 and I have a similar problem. I have a 5S, but I used to have a 4. My iPhone 4 never gave any e-mail notifications. There are no settings in the basic Sync system to adjust that I am aware of….

Like all computer systems, at some point they are no longer supported for software… best of luck with your new phone! I have an iPhone 5S with iOS 7. I have yet to get any sort of text to speech to work. I have done the steps as described in the article. Suggestions please. Then power down the iPhone completely for about 5 minutes. At this time, turn off the Focus. Open the door to completely power down the vehicle. Start up the phone and let is completely come back up.

Turn on the Focus and let it run for at least three minutes before Pairing the phone again. After this is complete, then use your Voice button just below the steering on the right side to access Sync. I just upgraded to an ipnone5s and paired it with my ford escape everything works except the text messages what do I do. However, the iPhone does have Siri. When you are done with Siri, press and hold the Phone icon on your steering wheel to close her out. The message protocol that worked well with the HTC Radar, is the same, but your phone has changed. In fact, Samsung reliability in this area is all over the map.

Yes, thanks, I completely removed the HTC. This phone stops the music but I have to actively scroll to that particular text in a numbered list and get it to read it aloud. Thanks Again. I am having exactly the same issue. I just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Any suggestions? My boyfriend has a Samsung flip phone and his works just fine. I discovered that if I do not have my radio on I will get an audible alert for Text Messages. The phone alerts work with the radio on, but not Text Message alerts. Good to know… what iPhone and iOS are you using? Which vehicle? Do you have the MyFord Touch system? It only receives messages, notifies me and reads them. However, I am unable to reply or send text message. I have tried and it fails to send. It allows me to compose message but fails to send. Have you tried to send and receive messages via Siri?

Receiving iPhone text messages with Ford Sync > Ford Tech LaneFord Tech Lane

Thanks, Vincent. I does work with Siri sending and receiving text. Sending text messages using my last device iPhone 5 also failed when using MyTouch.

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Again, it allowed me to send or reply to text messages but once I pressed SEND, system would pause for a couple seconds and then return error message indicating that message failed to send. The same result. Notifies me when a text comes in and can read the text. Will not send text fails with Samsung S4. Problem is not unique to iPhone.

Uconnect IPhone text read issue

I have asked a few friend with late model Fords with MyTouch. Sending also fails. However, I think that the RAZR operating system has been updated to the point that it no longer supports the old messaging capability. Have you tried to speak to someone at the Ford Customer Service hotline? Try calling Since iPhone has never met the messaging access protocol MAP standards set by Microsoft for the Sync system especially on Sync models such as the basic systems.. My phone is an iPhone 5s, with the 8.

The phone is paired to the car, and the car easily receives the text alert, and the read back is good. But every time I try to reply, I get a failure message. Does anyone have a solution that does not entail Siri I just want to use the canned sync replies? I would consider yourself lucky to actually get the system to read you back texts.

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The Sync system allows the text messaging with most Android smartphones… Otherwise, pushing the Home button on the front lower screen of the Apple phone iPhone 4S and newer will summon Siri. I appreciate the time you took to respond.

I will play with the Siri option and see how that goes. So Sync will still receive, display if not moving and read-back the incoming message, and using Siri via the iPhone will allow me to send a message, and Siri does come through the car stereo with no problem, and appears to be using the Sync microphone, but I only assume that because I do not know how sensitive the iPhone microphone is…. On another issue, Vince: Is it possible to remove the speed restrictions? I hate this Nanny attitude that prevents an address from being input into the navigation system, even though there is a passenger sitting on the seat and the car knows this based upon the airbag light.

And since the passenger is Japanese, her accent makes talking to Sync an impossibility, and she is unable to input an address that she received via text on her phone. Very, very irritating!!!

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  5. I followed your instructions and now it works perfectly! Thanks, great job! Sync is very hard to work… so far not crazy about it. I have a Ford fusion sport. My current phone does not support the text message feature. I am looking to get a new phone and am trying to figure out which one would be best.


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